May 12, 2013

 Dear Lori,
Happy Mother's Day! You are a super mom. I wanted to let you know how blessed Molly, Brooklyn and I are to have you in our lives. You spend everyday and all day with the kids teaching them new things and showing them how much you love and care. Whenever we go out without the kids you make sure that you are the first to see them because you have missed them during our short dinner or movie. The smile on their faces when you come through the door shows how much they love you. When it is cold outside you hunker down with the girls in our house and find some way to have fun. When it is warm you are sure to take the girls on a walk or to the park. You are a great mom because even though the kids don't always listen you try your best to be patient. You are not selfish because you put all of us first before yourself. We both know you don't like cooking but you do it because you are a great mom. Before enjoying Brooklyn you spent 9 months enduring pain and sickness and then you did it again for Molly. I am grateful to know that you would do anything for your girls. I know that they will be safe and that you will teach them to do what is right. Because of your sacrifice and example you will lead our family to enjoy eternal happiness together. My favorite part of the day is to come home to three happy smiling girls. Thank you for being a great mom! Brooklyn and Molly agree and I know that they will thank you someday.
Kurt, Brooklyn and Molly