September 27, 2013


Dear Brooklyn and Molly, 

Each night before I go to bed I like to sneak into your rooms and check on you. 

I love to see your sweet, sleeping faces and how you are either curled into balls or stretched all out. 

I love to know that you are both safe and sound before I call it a night. 

I love you two. 

Sincerely, mom

September 25, 2013


Dear Molly,

Peekaboo is officially your new favorite thing to do. 

Every time I try to kiss you, or ask you where your nose is, or ask you to blow me a kiss, or change your diaper, we always end up playing peekaboo for a good five minutes. 

It is super, duper adorable. Just like you. 

I love you. 

Sincerely, mom

September 19, 2013


Dear Brooklyn,

You are my little artist. 

If you have a second of down time you spend it with a marker or crayon in your hand and a coloring book or piece of paper in front of you. 

You bring your coloring stuff in the car, to church, to friends houses, to grandmas. Everywhere. 

You color on rocks, on paper, on mirrors, and on yourself. 

Lately you love to write your name and look at pictures on the ipad and try to copy them. 

I love seeing your skill develop and the pride in your eyes and smile on your face when you get praise from those around you. 

I am proud of you, too. 

I love you, little artist. 

Sincerely, mom

September 18, 2013


Dear Molly,

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we take the four minute drive to Brooklyn's preschool to drop her off.

And every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we race home before you fall asleep in the car.

Today we didn't make it. You must have fallen asleep right as we pulled into the driveway.

But really, I didn't mind, cause as soon as I took you out of your car seat you snuggled up to me and fell back to sleep. These are the moments I live for. 

There isn't anything sweeter than a sleeping baby on your shoulder. 

I love you, Molly.

Sincerely, Mom

September 17, 2013


Dear Brooklyn 

Yesterday we put some training wheels on your big girl bike. 

I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea since we could never get you to even use the pedals on your trike, you always just walked it around pretending you were riding it. 

But you got this new bike and have really been wanting to ride it so we borrowed some training wheels from the neighbor and got you all ready. 

First your dad helped you on the bike, made a few adjustments, told you where the brakes were, and then sent you off to the great unknown. 

Too bad your pedaling skills hadn't magically developed out of nowhere because you just rolled down the driveway and then slowed to a stop and just sat there. 

We tried to tell you to push down on the pedals, to keep trying, that you could do it!!! But you couldn't. Really, you couldn't. 

Even when your dad pushed you back and forth in front of our house to help you get a feel for it, your feet kept slipping off the pedals. 

And then there was the crash into the rocks and your dad convinced that the bike just needed some WD-40. 

In the end your bum hurt so we called it quits for the night. 

I'm not sure if your going to get back on that horse for a while. We have a way of making everyday things traumatic like that. 

But that's okay. Winter will be here soon. Lets just let the bike hibernate and let that WD-40 really work it's magic. Next summer you both will be ready. 

I love you, my sweet little girl. 

Sincerely, mom

September 11, 2013


Dear Christina,

I am in love with our family pictures.

Thank you a million times.

Sincerely, Lori

September 9, 2013


Dear Kurt,

This weekend your grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage.

To surprise them, all nine of their children were able to come in, some as far as Florida, and be here with them to celebrate. 

As long as I've been part of the family there has never been a time when the whole family has been able to get together at the same time. 

We spent the whole weekend hanging out, having fun, eating and celebrating.

A 50 year anniversary is a huge feat. And your grandparents have so much to be proud of. Nine amazing and caring children, a whole lot of grandchildren, and even three cute great grandchildren. 

One day that will be us.

Sincerely, Lori