July 23, 2015


Dear Brooklyn and Molly,

We made two cute little friends today. They are small and furry and rambunctious and so fun to play with. They just happen to be my friend, Cindy's adorable kittens.

We headed over to her house this morning to play with the little fur balls. Kittens are one of my favorite things. I thought you two would be in heaven playing with them too but I think you mistook these precious little kittens to be ferocious, man-eating Sharks. 

Every time the kittens jumped or swatted or even moved you two jumped out of your skin and squealed. 

We eventually got you to run around with some yarn to play with them but still Brooklyn would scream and jump and Molly would pout that they weren't getting her yarn. 

It took you both a while to relax and just play. I finally had to fight you both off for a turn to snuggle them. 

Next time we will go over in the afternoon when they are worn out and sleepy so they can nap in our laps. That is my favorite part about kittens. The lap naps.

It's too bad kittens don't stay kittens forever or I would go get a few of our own! Until then we will just play with Cindy's kittens.

Sincerely, mom

July 12, 2015


Dear Kurt,

It's Father's Day. 

Not the real Father's Day. That was weeks ago. But your own special Father's Day. We decided to postpone celebrating until we were home and could do it properly. 

The girls and I woke up early and made you some pancakes and bacon. We snuck into your room thinking you were probably awake and announced loudly "happy Father's Day!!!" You weren't awake before but you were now.

The girls gave you breakfast and the cards they made you. Molly informed you that her card read "Daddy is a stinker butt" haha. She's a keeper. 

You attempted to eat your breakfast in bed. Every year you are always up before the breakfast makes it to you in bed so this could have been the first time you attempted the whole breakfast in bed thing. You weren't a fan and soon we were all sitting at the kitchen table eating together. 

Next we surprised you with the mini fridge that you helped pick out at the store. It was stuffed full of your favorite drinks and ice cream bars. 

After that it was all business. Finish our primary lessons, showers, get ready, and head off to church. 

After church we headed over to Kelly's to keep him company while his family is out of town. You and him cooked steaks for dinner and we got home late. 

It was sort of an uneventful Father's Day. Not the kind that truly celebrates the father you are. You deserve to be fussed over all day long but you have always been a no-fuss type of guy. 

I truly appreciate you. You are a great dad and our girls are lucky. I need to say it more often, I know. But I am so glad to be raising our beautiful girls with such an amazing man. Thank you. 

Love you. 

Sincerely, Lori

May 31, 2015


Dear Kurt,

This was girls weekend. 

You know, the weekend where I leave the girls in your capable hands and hit the road with my girl friends for a couple days. 

So, Friday afternoon I kissed you all goodbye and hopped in Cindy's car and off we went. But not far. Just to west side of Tucson to a nice place called Starr Pass. It's pretty much a nice hotel with a ton of amenities.

It was no time at all before us girls were lounging in some inner tubes floating around and around the lazy river with the sun beating down on us. 

We spent the next few hours floating and talking and sun bathing and lounging. It was soooo nice. 

Once our stomachs started growling a little we scoped out our dining options. We settled for dinner on the terrace with a great view of the city while the sun slowly set on our evening.

While we waited for our food to arrive we ran out to the lawn where a hotel employee had a stack of hula hoops and some mad hula hooping skills. We did our best to keep up with him while trying not to look like complete fools. 

After a great dinner we decided to hit the hot tub before it closed for the night. When we got there we were putting our stuff out on the lounge chairs when we got a glimpse of something over the short wall that lead to the golf course. There we saw a large pack of havalenas. There had to be about 20 of them.  And then they kept coming. Big ones followed by little baby ones. It was so cool. 

When we got cozied up in the hot tub another group of ladies came by and joined us. They ended being one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. They were out on their own girls trip for one of their birthdays and they were a hoot. We found out that we were all religious and at one point a couple of them serenaded us with their beautiful voices. We serenaded them with our not-so-amazing voices and belted out a good rendition of "Happy Birthday". We stayed and chatted and laughed with them till we were kicked out of the hot tub. I wish you were there to meet these ladies. You would have gotten a kick out of them. 

Back in our rooms were jumped on the beds and showered and painted nails and talked into the night about anything and everything. When our eyelids drooped and chatter slowed we made our way to bed and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up earlier then I hoped. Around 7:20. I guess having kids wake up before 6:30 every morning puts a damper on your thoughts of sleeping in. Luckily Jenn was also plagued by her own early risers so we snuck out of our room and explored the hotel shops and breakfast menus and even inquired about a couples massage. The soonest appointment was hours away so we settled for an all you can eat breakfast buffet at the restaurant where the other girls joined us. 

After I stuffed myself with perfectly cooked bacon, pastries, fruit, French toast, and a bite of my very first eggs Benedict, we headed back upstairs to pack our stuff and slip back into our swimsuits.

We checked out and stuck our stuff in Cindy's car and then headed back to the lazy river to continue our lounging and relaxing. After a few hours of hanging and eating nachos poolside we changed our clothes and headed out to find somewhere to eat dinner.

We ended up at the Cheesecakd Factory and filled up on appetizers and cheesecake. After that we finished off the weekend with Pitch Perfect 2 and a bucket of popcorn at the theater.

And that concluded my getaway weekend. It was such a nice retreat. A needed recharge to my batteries. Thanks for that and taking good care of our girls while I was gone.

I love you,

Sincerely, Lori

April 5, 2015


Dear Girls,

It's Easter! 

And a very special Easter it is. It's also Sunday conference AND Christina and Reed are here!

We started the day off with finding you girls finding your Easter baskets and then checking out your haul: sunglasses, bows, and lots of candy. 

Your dad, Christina, and I then started on breakfast. Golden rod. An Easter tradition. It took me forever to get the sauce thick and by the time it was ready we all plopped down in front of the tv to watch conference while we ate. 

Conference was amazing. So many good talks were given. I am always left with this huge desire to be a better person and to draw closer to my Heavenly Father. 

After that it was lunch time and then time to make a massive amount of rolls, which of course I messed up too and had to re make some dough. It's a good thing your aunt Christina was there to help me. 

At four we headed to the Gardners for Easter dinner with friends. Christina and reed stayed home because reed was feeling pretty crappy. Dang allergies. 

There you two ran around with your friends while the adults ate and talked. We had an Easter lesson about Christ and the resurrection and then we ate cake and ice cream for camdens birthday. 

When we got home I tucked you girls into bed and hoped that today's sugar wouldn't keep you up. 

And that was Our Easter. 

I love you both. 

Sincerely, mom

April 2, 2015


Dear Brooklyn and Molly,

You woke up early today.

The clock still read 5 something. 

I knew by the way Molly was complaining that Brooklyn wasn't sharing the lion that there was no getting you two back to sleep. 

I'm sure it's cause your dad is out of town. You guys were probably worried that I didn't set my alarm and Brooklyn would be late for school. 

Soon you guys were in my bed. I looked at your bed head and your still sleepy, puffy eyes and your ruffled pajamas and I wanted to remember you like that forever. Still so small and innocent. Not a care in the world.

I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures in the early morning light. Your hair, your hands, you two cuddling. It makes me feel like I can keep you little. At least for a little while. At least in my pictures.
Then the cuddling turned to fighting so that was that.

I love you both. 

Sincerely, mom