January 25, 2015


Dear Dad,

Every once in a while I'll be in town and we will have a little spare time on our hands so you and I will do something I have grown to love.

You will pull out your penny and nickel collections, and the piles of change you have accumulated, and you and I will spend a couple hours going through the coins, checking dates, and trying to fill the holes in your books. 

I have come to think of those times as pretty special, something just for you and me. 

Well, I was home from church sick and got to looking at the jar of coins my girls have been saving for Disneyland and decided I should go through them to see if I could fill a few holes in your collection.

I texted you for pictures of your books and, what do ya know, you were home sick too.

  All day long we sent texts back and forth. Me, with pictures of old coins or coins that were missing from your collection. You, cheering me on or letting me know how much each coin was worth.

It was a good day and if we have to live hundreds and hundreds of miles away, then this was almost as good as sitting on your bed and looking through coins together.

I love you, dad.

Sincerely, Lori 

January 23, 2015


Dear little family,

Family movie night. 

Something that has quickly turned into one of my most favorite things.

Sometimes we get fancy and drag a mattress out to the living room to cuddle up on and sometimes we just throw some blankets and pillows down on the carpet. 

Most times we pop popcorn but tonight we heated up leftovers and ate in front of the tv while we watched How To Train Your Dragon 2. After that we polished off a large bag of Hershey's Kisses.

Soon we were all curled up next to each other. Brooklyn on one side of me telling me I was her favorite mom and Molly on the other holding my hand. And when I cried like a baby when the dad died, Kurt wiped the tears off my cheeks. 

While the credits rolled and the music played we wrestled and tickled and danced.

Perfection. Two hours of complete perfection. 

I love you all. 

Sincerely, Lori 

January 22, 2015


Dear Brooklyn,

For days you have been going on and on about the day you get to watch a super hero movie at your school. 

Well, today was that day. 

So at 4:45 we grabbed a blanket and headed over to your school where I gave you and your sister each a dollar for some popcorn and we cuddled up on our blanket on the cafeteria floor and watched Mr. Incredible and his family battle with some bad guys.

We didn't get to stay for the whole thing, we were having some friends over for dinner that were moving across the country the very next day, but we did enjoy a good hour of crime fighting awesomeness and some cuddling amongst popcorn crumbs. 

And the best part was when my legs fell asleep under the weight of both my girls cuddled up on my lap. 

I love you, Brooklyn

Sincerely, mom