September 30, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

Today was the day we have been counting down to. Today was the day you were able to get your cast off. 

Eight weeks ago today, you fell off the monkey bars at school and broke your arm. That was a rough day. 

But today was exciting. 

Except for the 5 minutes we had to hold you down and actually saw the cast off, and the 20 minutes after that when you realized the skin on your arm was dead and hanging there and we weren't suppose to just scrub it off.

Other than that, it was a good day.

And the best part: swimming!

As soon as the doctor handed us your brace and gave us instructions for the next few weeks and months and sent us on our way, we were knocking on Jordon's door with our swimming suits in hand.

You were hesitant to let your arm touch anything. You kind of held it off to the side for a long while. You paddled with your left arm. You used your left arm to climb out of the pool. You wouldn't use your right arm to save your life.

But, slowly and surely, you got your groove back. You put your goggles on and swam. Like, really swam. With both arms. 

You loved it. Just like you always love swimming. It was so good to see you happily gliding in the water. 

I almost feel bad that it's the end of the swimming season and our swimming days are numbered. I'm just so happy you didn't fall off some monkey bars months ago at the beginning of the summer.

I love you, Brooklyn. And, I'm glad you are happy and healthy again.

Sincerely, Mom

September 8, 2014


Dear Molly,

You are such a good little helper.

Whether it is putting the dishes away or helping making food or cleaning up toys, you are always asking if you can help. Especially if something is new or exciting.

Today was no different.

As soon as you saw us get out the nails and hammer you were right there to help. First, you handed your dad the nails and soon you begging him to let you swing the hammer. 

Although we went through several more nails because of your "help", you were so cute trying to help your dad.  

I hope this is something you never grow out of.

Thanks for always giving your dad and I a hand. I love you.

Sincerely, Mom

September 2, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

Today we went to your doctor's appointment so Dr. Valencia could check on your arm.

They took x-rays and then your dad checked you and Molly's reflexes while we waited for the doctor to come in.

The news from the doctor was both good and bad. Good: because you were ready to graduate from your full cast to a short cast. Bad, because they would have to saw your old cast off.

As soon as you saw the saw, you freaked. You tried to get away so I put you on my lap and held you while they sawed the cast off. It was a little traumatic so I promised you some ice cream if you were brave.

Once the cast was off you wouldn't move it and you were freaking out a little bit about not have anything on it so I held it still for you while they cleaned your arm and got ready to put the new cast on.

About ten minutes later your arm was decked out with a shiny new, pink cast. It was beautiful and you were finally calm.

We set an appointment for four weeks to remove this cast and we were off to get that ice cream I promised you.

I think that ice cream made it worth it. Ice cream pretty much fixes everything.

Now, maybe tomorrow you will try bending your elbow a little bit...

Sincerely, Mom