August 31, 2012


Dear Brooklyn,

Today I taught you an important life lesson: How to dance in the rain. 

You will never be too old, too dressed up, or too cool to dance in the rain.

I hope you spend many days of your life enjoying the rain.

Sincerely, Lori


Dear  Molly,

I busted our your bumbo today.

You look so tiny sitting in it.

Today I wish you could stay this little forever.

Sincerely, Lori

August 24, 2012


Dear Brooklyn,

Being three has a lot of perks. One being now you can take swim lessons!

So, while your dad was away at scout camp we signed you up for a two week session.

I was really hoping that it would help you love the water and not hate getting your head wet so much.

It didn't work.... 

You ended up screaming as soon as we showed up until I handed you to your teacher.

and on the last day they had to toss you off the diving board.

Maybe next year you will like it better. 

At least you were super cute while you were trying.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori

August 22, 2012


Dear Me,

Happy Birthday.

You officially have 26 wonderful years under your belt.

Today you were spoiled by your wonderful sisters, husband and friends.

For this next year, remember what matters most.

Enjoy the small moments.

Spend time with people you love.

Do things everyday that matter.

Don’t take a single day for granted, it could be your last.

Love yourself. Love Kurt. Love your girls. Love your family and friends. And show them you love them.


Sincerely, Lori