March 31, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

We went to the doctors today because you started pulling on your ear and I was worried that you were getting an ear infection.

You're not.

But you had fun there anyways.

Sincerely, Lori

March 29, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

You are really sick.

I'm sick too but you are really sick. The sickest you have ever been.

It is sad. Especially when you want to suck on your binky but you can't breath through your nose so you end up gasping for air. And when you sneeze and have snot running all the way down to your chin.

And you can't sleep which makes us both even more miserable.

I hate to see you like this because there isn't much I can do for you.

I really hope this one passes quickly.

Sincerely, Lori

March 26, 2010


Dear Jenna,

Congratulations on your new baby boy!

I'm sorry that he has to be in the NICU for a little while. It breaks my heart and I can't imagine how you feel.

If you have to leave the hospital and he has to stay another night then come and stay at my house. We have extra space and would love to have you.

You are amazing. Stay strong.

Sincerely, Lori

March 25, 2010


Dear Amy,

You have inspired me to teach Brooklyn sign language.

I started teaching her "more" and "all done" a while ago and a little over a week ago she started doing "more"!! Yay!

She does it when I'm feeding her or when she's hungry.

I also started teaching her "food", "milk", "water", and "thank you" but she hasn't picked up on anything but "more" yet.

When did Isabelle and Wendell start learning?

What did they learn first? second? third? etc?

On a different note: you guys should plan a trip to Idaho again soon. Or we should come to Kansas.

I love you.

Kiss the kids for me.

Sincerely, Lori

March 24, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

American Idol is your favorite show.

You literally have a whole string of different emotions during the show that have nothing to do with you being a girl.

Sincerely, Lori



Dear Mom,

Last night Kurt and I used our Gift Certificate that we purchased from and I told you I would let you know how it went to here goes:

• Since we had to spend $35 we ordered some of the most expensive things on the menu. Kurt got steak and shrimp and I got Fajitas.

• We ate almost all our chips and salsa before our dinner even came.

We both were stuffed before a third of our food was gone. But the food was good so we kept eating.

• Then they didn't add the tip into the $35 like the gift certificate says they do and since we didn't explain that to them I got to order a disgusting smoothie on the way out.

• Well, I didn't order a disgusting smoothie, I ordered a regular smoothie that ended up being disgusting.

We came to this conclusion really quick: $35 is way too much food for the two of us. We will be bringing friends or family with us the next time we use a certificate.

• But if you do end up ordering $35 dollars worth of food for just dad and you and you end up feeling sick, just do what we did: Be late for your movie and sprint 100 yards in heels. It helped for me and Kurt was impressed.

Oh, and have you seen the movie Avatar? Amazing. I loved it.

Sincerely, Lori

March 23, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

Your very first Easter Egg Hunt went down a little like this:

• Your dad got you a nice big plastic bag for all of your Easter eggs you were going to collect, which turned out to be just one. And we didn't even put it in the bag.

• We ran straight for a cute little pink egg which you wouldn't pick up at first because you were mesmerized by the other kids running around.
• I set you on the ground but you were too weirded out with the grass to pay attention to your Easter Egg.

• After all was said and done your dad ate the chocolate out of your egg.

I can't expect much more from you since your only 7 months old and don't even roll over yet but next year I expect a lot of chocolate filled Easter Eggs. For you, of course.

He he.

Sincerely, Lori

March 22, 2010



Dear Mom,

You are the best mom.

I hate living so far from you but I appreciate all the phone calls for help, advice, exciting news, and just chats about nothing. Thank you for always being there for me and my little family.

Happy Birthday!!!

50 years old, right? That can't be.

Well, I hope you have a very special day. You really do deserve it.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori

March 19, 2010



Dear Kurt,

I woke up this morning and looked at our house and thought "whoa, didn't I clean yesterday!"

Then I remembered that I was spring cleaning. which means that our house gets a whole lot messier before it gets cleaner.

So when you come home from work and see our house covered in boxes and paper and clothes and books and furniture.... just remember I'm cleaning!!!

And then help me cause I have probably given up hours ago.

Sincerely, Lori

March 18, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

Please don't wake up a bajillion times tonight like you did last night.

That was not fun.

But if you do then it's ok I will get up and rock you back to sleep cause I love you and can't stand to hear you cry and, well, frankly, I can't sleep through your crying either.

Sleep tight. (Literally sleep tight - don't you get out of that swaddle.)

Love you.

Sincerely, Lori

March 17, 2010


Dear Christina,

I'm so glad you are coming this weekend because I am in the middle of a crisis and need your help.

Don't worry it is just a fabric crisis, meaning I have literally been searching the local stores and Internet for hours looking for the perfect fabric to cover my new chair in and I have been mostly disappointed.

Today I ordered more fabric samples online (you can never trust the colors you see on your computer.) Hopefully you will be of some help in choosing my perfect chair fabric cause every time I ask Kurt what he thinks he says "yeah, I like that one too." Grrrr. If only he was a girl. But that would be creepy and weird so I retract that statement and say "If only the fabric stores carried all the fabric I love at a fraction of the price I'm finding them online for."

Ok. So here are the ones I like and ordered samples of. I want a fabric with a large pattern, which some of them have and some don't, and I would prefer a grass green to a lime green.

Lets focus on pattern for now and next week when the rest of my samples come then we can decide on color. (I might just order all of them....)

What do you say? Are you willing to help your indecisive sister?

I hope so.

Sincerely, Lori



Dear Kurt,

Kiss me, I'm Irish.

Actually, I'm not sure if I'm really Irish, but what do you care, right?

Today I have some disgusting looking green food in store for you if you can swing home for lunch. Sounds appetizing, huh? Can too much food coloring be a problem? Hopefully not.

Well, I'm gonna go hide all your green clothes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Sincerely, Lori

March 16, 2010


Dear Kurt,

Tomorrow is suppose to be 53 degrees!!!

Ok. I know it isn't the 90's like I was dreaming about today but it makes me happy. And hopeful.

And your amazing brother fixed your computer. I fixed my gross granola bars and made them yummy. And we got to hang out with some awesome friends.

And although I am still extremely annoyed about the "giving credit where credit is due" incident that I am purposely being vague about, you did make me feel slightly better about it.

So our bad day turned into a not so bad day.

I am thankful.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori


Dear Kurt,

Why is it that today even the tiniest things make me want to scream. Or cry.

Actually both.

Basically this is the gist of my day so far:

Brand new computer got a virus. Can't be fixed.

Baby food all over me and baby. Baby just laughs.

You were suppose to have a short day. You won't be home till late.

People don't give credit where credit is due. Hurt my feelings.

Homemade granola bars turned out gross.

Can't find fabric that I want for an affordable price. Annoyed.

Baby is sleeping. You're not home. Friend hasn't texted me back.

You called. You're having a bad day too. I'm sorry.

I think we need a change. What I really want is for 90 degree weather. Then we can hang out outside all day and soak up the sun. Can we move to Arizona right now?

Sincerely, Lori

March 15, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

I'm sorry I always blind you when I take pictures.

Sincerely, Lori

March 12, 2010


Dear my butterfly baby,
You are beautiful.
Sincerely, Lori


Dear Kurt,

I love love love your new laptop. It almost makes up for the fact that you and your brother took apart your old laptop to fix something and then never could put it back together.

In fact, last night while you were playing basketball I just laid in bed and watch American Idol on your laptop. And I'm lying in bed right now with it too.

Basically a new laptop means more laying in bed, which is alright with me.

Sooooo, I know you said you weren't going to rehang our curtain rod again unless I had someone else to help me decide exactly where I want it but..... I know where I want it now. If you rehang it tonight it will be the last time, I promise.

New subject: I really really want to go camping. What temperature does it need to be to go camping?

Well, I love you.

Have a great day at work.

Sincerely, Lori

March 11, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

I want to get these sunglasses for you so badly.

Don't you love them?

Sincerely, Lori

March 10, 2010


Dear Kurt,

These are a few of my favorite things:

Sincerely, Lori