June 22, 2014


Dear Molly,

It was just you and me.

Hiding under a sheet.

Playing peek a boo and laughing.

We don't get a lot of moments to ourselves around here lately, and when we do they are short.

Today those moments were extra short but extra sweet.

You are such a joy to be around.

I love you.

Sincerely, Mom

June 16, 2014


Dear Molly, 

It's your birthday!!

Your celebrations went like this:

1. After everyone was up and going we brought out your birthday presents. You held them to your chest and laughed and laughed. You were so thrilled. It was adorable. 

2. Most of the morning we hung out you played with your new presents. 

3. After lunch and nap time we headed to the pool. You swam and played and danced around. You spent a lot of time swinging under the hand rail and then jumping up and screaming with joy, then running back and doing it all over again.

4. Then we rushed home and a few friends came over to have nachos and cupcakes. You were in heaven with your own little cupcake. Although you insisted on having a fork at first because you did not want to get your hands dirty. 

5. After that we got you ready for bed and said goodnight to you, our two year old. My eyes might have teared up. How did the time fly so quickly?

I hope you had a great birthday.

I love you so much.

Sincerely, Mom

June 10, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

When you were younger you were kinda of a scaredy cat. 

You didn't want to do anything by yourself and even if we were with you you were still hesitant. 

You were also kind of a klutz. 

You ran into things and tripped over your own feet. 

Until recently you couldn't even jump off the floor.

And I never thought you would learn to ride a bike, even with training wheels. 

But now you are way more coordinated. 

And you are getting so brave.

You are surprising me all the time by doing things I never thought you would do. 

Even a simple thing like jumping off the couch into a pile of pillows and blankets is a big deal for you. It's something that you wouldn't have done a year ago.

I love seeing you try new things and becoming more sure of yourself. 

I love watching you experience things for the first time and watch your face light up when you realize that it was fun or exciting.

I am so glad that I am your mom.

I love you so much. 

Sincerely, mom