March 29, 2015


Dear Kurt,

I love trying out new, unique places where we live.

Last night we headed into Tucson with the Gardners and the Batemans for a triple date to Roadhouse Cinemas: a movie theatre with recliner seats where they serve you dinner while your movie plays. It makes regular movie theater experiences seem kinda drab. 

Anyways, we showed up thirty minutes early to look through the menu and order our food. You ordered a burger and I ordered the nachos, then we watched the previews roll. 

Right before our feature show started, our food arrived. We sat back, watched our movie, and ate our dinner. Your burger was one of the best I've ever had. My nachos were just okay. 

When we finished eating we reclined our seats and cuddled up to watch the rest of our movie. 

I will say, nothing beats watching a movie cuddled up next to you on our mattress that we pulled into the living room, but this comes in as a close second. 

I love you, Kurt. Thanks for the date. 

Sincerely, Lori

March 28, 2015


Dear Brooklyn and Molly,

This morning our Easter celebrations began with our ward Easter egg hunt.

Molly and I went to the younger kid section where she gathered up her share of eight eggs quickly. 

Brooklyn and dad went to her age groups section except the older kids invaded it and Brooklyn only got four eggs. Molly was nice enough to share two of her eggs with Brooklyn. I love when you two are nice to each other. 

Then we hit the picnic tables for Juice and muffins and you girls sorted through your loot. 

After some chatting and playing we headed home to change into our swimsuits to hit the pool. 

And that is the beginning of the Easter celebrations. 

Sincerely, Lori

March 17, 2015


Dear Kurt,

It was st. Patrick's day. 

Do People celebrate St. Patrick's day In Mexico? They must because the trap you and Brooklyn set last night had fallen and there was candy all over the table this morning. 

It was also the Hawkins and our turn to cook breakfast. We made breakfast burritos and pancakes. 

Soon enough we were all dressed in our swim suits and spending our final hours at the beach. 

We sat and talked, we played in the sand, you and I chased each other around, you messed with the kids by constantly knocking them off the paddle board, and of course there was frisbee. 

We really soaked in the sun and the salty breeze, memorized the way the sand and the ocean felt on our toes. We could feel the weight of real life baring down on us. 

And like that, it was time to pack up our stuff. We headed back to the house and like busy bees ran around the house gathering and cleaning and tossing stuff in our cars. 

It was lunchtime when we pulled away from our beach house. So we headed to town for another meal at our favorite new place, Lucas' chicken shack. 

After one last group photo we jumped in our cars and made our way towards the border. USA here we come. Except we had an emergency bathroom break in Mexico's border town and we witnessed some guy get frisked by two Mexican cops with giant guns not three feet in front of our car. 

After that, we crossed the border without any issues and got home just in time for Kurt to run off to work. 

If I had to sum up our Mexico trip in one word it would be carefree. We spent four days without time or obligations or routines. We sat on the beach all day and explored when we were bored and went to town when we were hungry. The company was amazing and the good times rolled. 

Thanks for taking us! I love you. 

Sincerely, Lori

March 16, 2015


Dear Kurt,

Waking up on our third day in Mexico and we had already developed a lack of concern for time. We rolled out of bed. It was light outside so it must have been later than the day before. 

We immediately got dressed and loaded up our cars. We were having breakfast in town today. Mckinzie and Clair knew of a good place. They accepted our mob of people graciously.

The kids sat at a table off to the side of ours where we were constantly breaking up fights and drying tears. But the food came soon enough and it was delicious. The kids had ginormous stacks of pancakes and you had some sort of eggs with sauce  I had the chorizo eggs. They were so good. We also had chocolate milk that looked more like a chocolate milkshake with the whipped cream on top. 

From there we parted ways. The girls grabbed ice cream bars and took the kids back to the beach. You guys left for Devins four wheeling birthday outing. 

After hours of playing back at the beach, you boys returned, talking about how that was the best two hours of their life's. Nothing like a four wheeler and some wide open hills to make a man happy. I'm sure your lungs are filled with dust. 

Around what I am assuming was mid afternoon I took Molly up to the house to bathe cause she was complaining of sand in her cracks and chaffing. Three days on the beach will do that to you.

It took some convincing to get molly to go back to the beach. When we returned you boys were long gone. Going on a man walk, is what I was told. It must have been quite the male bonding experience cause you were gone for hours and by the time you got back the kids were starving and since you guys picked up dinner on your way back home we didn't know whose food was whose. 

By the time we sat on the beach with our burritos in hand the sun was getting low in the sky and the tide was going way out. Our very own little tide pools started making an appearance.

While the sun slowly set we all played in the shallow waters, talked, and watched the sky turn colors. It was a gorgeous evening. The type you want to relive over and over. 

We played frisbee till it was way too dark to see anymore then we packed up our stuff and hiked back to the house where we through the kids in baths and showers and kissed them goodnight. 

Then it was adult time. We busted out the game Things and some salsa, chips, and cookies and stayed up late playing and laughing and poking fun not wanting to turn in on our last night in Mexico. 

And that concluded our final full day in Mexico. 

Sincerely, Lori