January 31, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

I love you so much.

I love when you say momma.

I love when you color with me.

I love your kisses.

I love your pigtails.

I love your cute little voice.

I love when you point at the computer and say "Papa"

I love when you climb on my lap and cuddle me.

I love your cute little dances.

I love you.

So much.

Sincerely, Lori

January 30, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Week three of finding me some style is coming to a close.

I am loving this experiment.

Next week I am going to have a little theme. But I can't tell you. It is a surprise.

Until then...

I love you to death.

Sincerely, Lori

P.S. Which little outfit is your fav??

January 29, 2011


Dear Kurt,

We spent most of last night in good old Rexburg for your basketball game.

Sports bring out the worst in us.

You were getting competitive and ended up with some fouls and some arguements. I started yelling at players who were fouling you and the refs.

In the end you lost. You were frustrated. I was angry.

I even yelled about some cheating incident the other team was involved with during the draft.

We spent the entire drive home nit-picking the entire game with our friends.

It didn't make us feel better. But a couple games of Pinnocle did.

Next weekend I might have to refrain from going to your game.

In conclusion: You are competitive. I am a poor loser. You should not be involved with sports. It brings out the monster in me. One day our kids will be embarrassed of me.

Sincerely, Lori

January 27, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

Today I built you a nice big fort.

I even took the cushions off the couch so you could climb up on it, which is your favorite.

And I laid out lots of crayons and paper so you could color in it. Next to that I put a couple crackers and your sippy cup. And next to that I put your baby doll.

You still didn't love to go in it.

You only went in if someone else did first.

I think your dad liked it more then I thought you would. He almost cried when I took it down.

Maybe when you are a little older you will appreciate my fort building skills.

Until then I will build them for your dad.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori

January 26, 2011



Dear Kurt,

I have been feeling overwhelmed.

I feel like everything I do is quickly undone.

I clean, clean, clean, only to have the house get messy, messy, messy again.

I seriously can't keep on top of it all.

It doesn't help that we have several construction projects going on.

Yesterday the vacuum guy had to cut a hole in the bottom of our cabinets and now there is sawdust all over the kitchen.

Today I am throwing everything out the window and am having a good, solid cleaning day.

That's right. No cute outfit. No cuddling time. No reading time (ok, maybe a little reading time, but only because Brooklyn is so dang cute and she can scream so dang loud). No projects.

Just cleaning.

Here is my list: scrub inside of cabinets, wipe outside of cabinets, sweep, mop, clean kitchen counter and everything on top of kitchen counter, do all laundry, put away all laundry, vacuum living room, vacuum bedrooms, vacuum office, organize desk, scrub bathroom, scrub high chair, organize Brooklyn's closet, clean inside of couches, clean underneath couches, dust...... everywhere, clean light fixtures, clean baseboards, organize coat closet, do dishes, clean fridge, organize pantry, organize toys, clean appliances, clean mirrors, and anything else I forgot.

So, throughout the day I will come back and cross stuff off that list. Hopefully at the end of today I will have it all done and still have a happy Brooklyn.

Wish me luck.

Sincerely, Lori

January 23, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Here are pictures from week two of my New Years Resolution.

It has been a lot of fun. This next week is going to be awesome.

I think I am going to try for at least one kind of crazy outfit. Like really crazy.

Okay maybe "crazy" isn't the right word... I'm not sure I can go too crazy with what's in my closet. Maybe just kind of "out-there"... or just a little strange... I don't know... you'll just have to wait and see.

Sincerely, Lori

January 22, 2011


Dear Kurt,

I burnt my hand today.

To make a long and embarrassing story short: I grabbed the wrong end of my curling iron.

In my defense I was distracted and for some reason my curling iron was turned around, which it never is.

I called my mom crying because you were gone and it hurt worse then anything I have ever felt and she always knows how to calm me down.

My fingers, my thumb, and my palm felt like they were on fire. They still do.

I'm extremely frustrated that I can't do a lot of things now. Especially with my thumb and pointer finger (Who knew how much I use those two digits?)

I'm so glad you are such a great help with everything, namely: changing diapers, putting Brooklyn in her car seat, washing my hair, putting my hair in a pony tail, hooking my bra (which I'm surprised you agreed to), and putting band aids on my fingers.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And the fact that I have spent all this time hacking out this letter with my left pointer finger is proof.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori

January 20, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Today I went to work with you after school.

I worked. You didn't.

Afterward we stopped by Jill's parents house to pick up a check and lo and behold Jill were there!! So we spent most of the night hanging out with them.

Brooklyn walked around with a little blow up pool on her head and got to ride Jaxton's bike.

On our way home we stopped by the store and got a steal of a deal on nice socks. Four pairs for $1.49.

On our way home we also forgot to pick up milk. Crap. Do you want to run to the store, or should I? I vote you do it.

I love you

Sincerely, Lori.

January 19, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

While I went to book club and your dad went to Rexburg, you got to go play with your friend, Lucas.

Since I got a ride from Lucas' mom, Camille, and your dad dropped you off and then got a ride to Rexburg from a friend, you got to help me drive home!

Exciting, right?!? Totally.

Okay, so what if they only live a few houses away? And so what if you lost interest after the first 2 seconds because I wasn't turning the wheel? And so what if I basically stopped once to take a picture?

It was all extremely exciting none the less.

See... exciting!! Okay, you are killing me with this picture.

Maybe you'll be excited when you are sixteen.

Sincerely, Lori

January 18, 2011



Dear Kurt,

I love...

how you are a crazy goofball, just like me. If people only knew how we act when we are not in public... and sometimes when we are.

how you keep letting me play Pinnocle even though I get grumpy when I lose. Which is a lot, because I lose a lot. Grrrr...

when you wear shorts and a t-shirt when we go to your parents on Sunday nights, even though it is well below freezing, because you know I will blast the heater the whole way.

when you say we are probably going to have all girls because you cursed yourself before we even had Brooklyn saying you wanted all boys, then you get scared that you really did curse yourself and ask people with all girls if they said they wanted all boys too. It's funny watching you fret about this. Don't worry, girls are only crazy, moody, and hormonal most of the time. The rest of the time we are just adorable.

how Brooklyn is becoming a little daddy's girl.

Sincerely, Lori

January 17, 2011



Dear Brooklyn,

When you were tiny and grumpy I could always cheer you up with a little naked time.

Nowadays, it is laundry time.

Strange, I know, but lately when you get grumpy I just bust out the laundry.

You help by throwing the clothes everywhere, putting the clothes on you or your doll, or pull out all the shoes out of my closet and put them on.

I'm not complaining because who knows if the laundry would ever get done if this wasn't the case.

I wonder what will make you happy around this time next year...

Sincerely, Lori

January 16, 2011


Dear Kurt,

As a New Years resolution I wanted to do two things that will coincide with each other:

1. Get dressed and ready everyday. I know.... you are shocked right now to learn that I frequently stay in my pj's all day.

2. Break out of my jeans and t-shirt (or sweats and sweatshirt) funk and try to find my own personal style.

So from now on my style will not be limited! If I want to wear it, I will! If it's ridiculous, I will still wear it! If it's weird, I will still wear it! If it's really cute, of course I will wear it!

This little experiment may get a little crazy (sometimes I don't even know what I am thinking), but for the most part I am hoping to just expand my styling horizons and look cute doing it.

So, here's the first half week (yes, I know New Years resolutions are suppose to start on New Years day, but I was sick!!!)

Now let's see what week two will bring. Hopefully not anything too embarrassing for you.

Sincerely, Lori

January 14, 2011


Dear Everyone,

mmmkkoo oo ;;;;

gftyyyyyyyy o b b5 5 bbbbb

bbbbbbbbbbbb7j hk v W

h m vvv jjhs tteetetjwvf

gΩ≈∞§≈§∞§≈2xx r h



Sincerely, Brooklyn

January 13, 2011


Dear Kimberly,

Happy Birthday!!!!

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

We (especially me) miss having you around.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Cheers to this next year being fabulous!

Kiss, hug, hug, Kiss, hug, Kiss, Kiss!

And 23 spankings from each of us (Me, Kurt, and Brooklyn)! That's right! Go spank yourself 69 times!!!

And a pinch to grow and inch.

I love, love, love you!

Sincerely, Lori

January 12, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

How did you manage to get one arm out of you pj's?

Silly girl.

Sincerely, Lori