August 25, 2014


Dear Kurt,

Today we took the girls over to the Clubhouse for some miniature golf.

I pictured it going a little differently.

Brooklyn had to golf one-handed and refused help so basically she golfed a 5,438. I'm pretty sure that's a record.

Molly didn't understand the concept and every time someone golfed she would run after the ball, pick it up, and bring it back to you. 

You and I were competing the whole time. Which mainly consisted of me hitting the ball way too far and then kicking your ball off the course in order to give me more time to get mine in first and then that would result in a brawl at the hole until someone got their ball in.

  It was absolutely ridiculous. Yet, totally fun.

Then a monsoon rolled in and we all ran back to the clubhouse as fast as we could so Brooklyn's cast wouldn't get wet.

Sincerely, Lori

August 13, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

After you broke your arm, your sweet teacher came by our house to see how you were doing.

She also brought a note from you class telling you to get better quick with a bunch of cute little five year old John Hancocks and a gift card to Baskin Robins/Dunkin Donuts. 

So today we met your dad in Tucson and decided to grab an early dinner: ice cream and donut holes. Yum.

We left with our bellies stuffed and sugar coursing through our veins. It was fabulous.

I think every childhood should have a couple of ice cream dinners mixed in with those hospital stays.

Now, let's hope the sugar high wears off by bed time, right?

I love you.

Sincerely, Mom

August 4, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

Today was a very big day.

Today you turned five years old and you started kindergarten.

You also made your mom cry. A lot.

You woke up excited as can be. 

Breakfast. Dress in your new school clothes. Open presents. Shoes on. Then we were out the door.

We stood amongst all the other new kindergarteners and their parents in the library waiting for your turn to be shuffled off by your teacher with your new classmates.

We knelt down in between mostly empty bookshelves and had a little pow wow. Me reminding you that you are to listen to your teacher and to be nice to the other kids and to stand up for what's right and that I love you so very much. And you telling me that you will learn lots and be good and eat your sandwich first and that you love me too.

I mostly held back the tears till they called your class and in the shuffle to get to the front of the library you got scared and turned back to make sure I was close. I pictured that happening a lot that day. You would get a little lost in the shuffle except I wouldn't be behind you to comfort you. Maybe you can go to kindergarten next year?

That day I thought and worried about you a lot. Too much, I'm sure.

When your dad and I brought cookies to your class at the end of the day I imagined you to be a mess and beg me to take you home and not bring you back till next year. I should have known better.

You weren't sad or upset. No, you were happy and excited and bouncing up and down. On the way home your talked and talked about all the new things and new people and new places. You were in heaven.

Then the real birthday celebrations began.

You decided that you wanted to go swimming. So we did that.

You decided, much to my dismay, that you wanted McDonald's for dinner. So we did that.

You wanted an ice cream cake from Baskin Robin's. So we let you pick one out.

Then the Gardner's and McKinzie and Clair came over and we sang and ate and you opened more presents. 

Soon, it was bed time and you were one exhausted little five year old kindergartener. 

And I will continue to be in denial about that.

I love you, Brooklyn. I hope you had a fabulous day. Happy Birthday.

Sincerely, Mom