November 30, 2013


Dear Kurt,

I think we can agree that there is nothing better then making memories with the people we love the most. I think we can also agree that "Holiday's on the Farm" was one of our favorite parts of Christmas in California.

Before we left we got all bundle up in preparation to go sledding and play in the snow. I think we forgot it was California and 65+ degrees outside. We were shedding our hats, scarfs, and coats before we even hit the slopes.  

For the next 90 minutes we sled down the hill time after time, figuring out which lane was fastest and who can spin or launch you the best. Even Brooklyn was brave enough to go by herself and loved a good spin.

Towards the end of our sledding time my mom showed up with the littlest ones and we headed over to the pony rides to silence Brooklyn's and Isabelle's ongoing pleas. We also hit the petting zoo to feed the ravenous goats and the other animals. Molly was weirded out by them eating out of her hand. 

After a quick snack for the kids, Christina, Brittney, and I decided that we would zip line as our last hoorah for the evening. So while the kids jumped on a ginormous air bubble, we got suited up and fearlessly (well, mostly) jumped into the night air with nothing but some straps and rope to save us from certain death.

To finish off the night we grabbed some In-n-Out and dined at home. 

I think it was a great day for everyone. And I think we can agree that these were memories well made.

Sincerely, Lori

November 2, 2013


Dear Brooklyn,

You are my little girl. 

You are full of life. You love life. You are an amazing little girl.

You are a great big sister. You are always willing to help or share. Molly looks up to you and wants to do anything you are doing. 

You love attention. You are rarely shy around grown ups. If there are adults around you want to dance around or show off something you drew or something you learned. 

You are sweet. Never forgetting your hugs and kisses and randomly telling me that you love me or I am beautiful. You say please and thank you. 

You are sometimes inappropriate. Like when we are at someone's house and we tell you you are silly you respond with "your face is silly." That's your dad's fault, by the way. 

You are a social butterfly. You are constantly asking to go see if the neighbors can play or if you could have a friend over. You love to be surrounded by people, young or old. 

You love to sing. If there is a song on the radio that you like, you will sing it, even if you don't know the words, and you rarely do. And if you do know the words you tell me to stop singing so you can sing it by yourself. 

You love to dance. Play an upbeat song and I can guarantee that you will be up shaking it. I love watching So You Think You Can Dance cause you dance like crazy, trying to imitate moves the dances are making. 

You love to color. It is probably your favorite thing to do. You are so good, too. You stay in the lines and creating your own patterns. You love to draw people and have me write their names down so you can copy it next to their picture. It is fun seeing you flourish in something that I have always loved. 

You are a picky eater. Extremely picky. You'll eat about five things that aren't candy or desserts: cereal, cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, cheese quesadillas, and plain
Pasta. Everything else: it depends in the day and who else is eating it but don't hold your breathe. And nothing can be to hard or too cold or too soft or too hard or too green or too anything. Think Goldilocks except porridge is out of the question. 

When you are any kind of uncomfortable or extremely happy your hands go immediately to your mouth. I always have to tell you to move your hands so I can understand why you are saying but I love that it is a sure way to tell how you re feeling. 

You are beautiful. I love your big hazel eyes and your long eyelashes. I love the way your top lip curves up. I love the way your straggly hair is always in your face. And I definitely love the way your face still holds a bit of your baby chubbiness. 

You are so many things, Brooklyn, but my favorite part about you is that you are mine. We will always be together. 

I love you. 

Sincerely, mom