November 30, 2013


Dear Kurt,

I think we can agree that there is nothing better then making memories with the people we love the most. I think we can also agree that "Holiday's on the Farm" was one of our favorite parts of Christmas in California.

Before we left we got all bundle up in preparation to go sledding and play in the snow. I think we forgot it was California and 65+ degrees outside. We were shedding our hats, scarfs, and coats before we even hit the slopes.  

For the next 90 minutes we sled down the hill time after time, figuring out which lane was fastest and who can spin or launch you the best. Even Brooklyn was brave enough to go by herself and loved a good spin.

Towards the end of our sledding time my mom showed up with the littlest ones and we headed over to the pony rides to silence Brooklyn's and Isabelle's ongoing pleas. We also hit the petting zoo to feed the ravenous goats and the other animals. Molly was weirded out by them eating out of her hand. 

After a quick snack for the kids, Christina, Brittney, and I decided that we would zip line as our last hoorah for the evening. So while the kids jumped on a ginormous air bubble, we got suited up and fearlessly (well, mostly) jumped into the night air with nothing but some straps and rope to save us from certain death.

To finish off the night we grabbed some In-n-Out and dined at home. 

I think it was a great day for everyone. And I think we can agree that these were memories well made.

Sincerely, Lori