January 28, 2010

goopy eye

notice the cute freckle on her lip

Dear Brooklyn,

I am sad to say that this is you every morning.

You were born with a partially clogged tear duct that has increasingly gotten worse.

I have tried everything that I have been told or read about to try to unclog it but it is all to no avail.

It bothers you and you rub and scratch all day long while I beg you not to. Your eye gets bright red and puffy by the end of the day.

When I try to clean it you cry and turn your head. I want to cry because of the pain I know it causes you.

But don't worry. I have a plan. Next week you have a doctors appointment and I am going to demand that they fix it!

Wish me luck because your mommy is about to get vicious on some doctors!

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori