January 1, 2014


Dear Kurt,
Happy new year!

I have high apple pie, in the sky hopes for 2014.

As always I made a long list of resolutions. I can't help myself. Here they are:

1. Go somewhere I've never been. I'd love for it to be somewhere exotic or adventurous but I'd settle for a new restaurant if I had to.

2. Read the Book of Mormon. Simple enough.

3. Work out. Originally I thought I'd make it 5 times a week or for at least 30 minutes or what not, but I don't want to put a lot of stipulations on this. Just get my butt to the gym or get off my couch and work out at home. Just do it and make it count.

4. Only eat sweets once a week. I am constantly trying to get my sweet tooth under control. Last year I gave up sweets all together it lasted nine months. I hope this way will last the whole year and I will enjoy it more.

5. Write a letter everyday. I will also use this as my "don't break the chain" goal. I'm excited for this one. More letters. More pictures. More great memories to look back on in the future.

6. Become more like Christ. Pick an attribute of Christ. Read about it, study it, pick specific ways I can obtain it. I'm bouncing around a few ideas for this one....

7. Become more responsible financial. We aren't terrible but we could always be better. Pay stuff off, get rid of bills we don't need, save more, know where every penny is going, figure out what works for us.

I'm excited for the new year! I know it will be full of fun, personal growth, and change. Yay for 2014!

Sincerely, Lori