April 5, 2010


Dear Kurt,

Last night after feeding Brooklyn at 2 am I got back into bed and closed my eyes.

Then my eyes popped wide open.

The big garage door was opening and a second later I heard it closing again.

Then the door from the garage to the house opened...

I grabbed your shirt and said "Kurt, someone just came in the house!"

I could see the panic in your eyes as you asked "how do you know?"

I told you I heard them and you ran to the door and flipped the hall light on and grabbed the nearest weapon: a curtain rod.

After a minute of neither hearing or seeing our predator you made your way down the hall, only to find nothing.

Turns out my mind was playing a few tricks on me. The sound that I was certain was the garage door opening and closing must have been the heater or something because we ended up listening to it all night long - since we barely slept after that.

I nearly scared the crap out of us for nothing.


Sincerely, Lori