February 24, 2013


Dear Molly,

Last weekend you and I started getting sick.

By Monday we both were pretty miserable.

Monday night I loaded up on medicine and headed to bed early to catch some z's.

You had other plans. You decided to keep you dad up all night with your crying and coughing.

Tuesday morning your coughing was out of control, your breathing was labored, your snot was a nasty green color, and you were yanking on your right ear. It was time for a trip to the doctor.

Turns out you had a nasty case of croup and an ear infection. The doctor told me to watch your breathing and to take you outside in the cold if it got too bad, and if that didn't help, to head to the E.R.


The next couple nights you slept in your car seat right next to me. Your nights were spent coughing and crying and your days were spent being miserable and taking tiny naps on my chest until the coughing picked up.

Everyday your dad would come home and hold you until you fell asleep. It was a nice break for your sick momma and it was quite adorable.

Brooklyn was even helping keep us both happy by helping out, even though she found the whole thing a little gross. She loves you.

Now, you are feeling so much better. You are smiling and playing again. You are sleeping in your bed like normal again. Your cough lingers and you are still congested a bit, but I love having my happy baby back.

The lesson learned is that croup sucks. It a miserable thing but I'm glad it was over relatively quickly.

Let's hope we never have to deal with this nasty virus again.

I love you, Molly.

Sincerely, Lori