February 19, 2013


Dear Time,

You have not been kind to us these past months.

Molly is already eight months old. Eight months! It feels like she should be two months old. At the most.

If you could do me a favor and slow down a bit. 

Slow down enough that I can memorize the way Molly throws her head back and opens her mouth wide in quiet laughter when she is being tickled.

Slow down enough that I can count the beats of my heart when Kurt kisses me and tells me he love me and will forever.

Slow down enough that I can write down every song Brooklyn sings, every funny story she makes up and every time she tells me I'm pretty.

Slow down enough that I can savor and enjoy each moment.

Slow down enough that I don't feel overwhelmed by trying to capture it all and bottling it up.

Slow down.

And, when I am surrounded by the  people I love and we are all laughing and smiling and my world is perfect, maybe, just maybe, could you hit the pause button?

Sincerely, Lori