August 10, 2013


Dear Kurt,

We had a fabulous day with our little family.


We spent an easy morning, relaxing and cleaning up a bit.
Then we headed over to Rexburg rapids with your sisters.


We spent the whole afternoon splashing and playing and floating.
Then we got ready and headed to Rigby to play home run derby with some friends.

The kids played for a while and then ran around finding things to climb on and catching ladybugs.


Then the grown ups played. I've never been a good hitter but I tied for second place with one home run. You won, no surprise, with two home runs.

Then we headed to a beautiful part of Rigby, where Ben and Shacie live, for a BBQ, some easy conversation, and home made ice cream.

We didn't get home till after midnight.

It was a nice day. Good times, great friends, yummy food and a little sun on our cheeks.

I'd do this day over and over again

Sincerely, Lori