August 9, 2013


Dear Kurt,
The other day you won a gun at the grand opening of a local gun shop.

Tonight we decided to go shooting with your new gun.

We grabbed some pizza, some bullets, your gun, and our girls and headed up to the hills.

The girls played in the dirt and picked wheat while your brother, you, and I shot at targets, cans and whatever other junk was left from previous shooters.

We found an old toy truck and decided to have a contest who could shoot through the side window first. We each took turns taking shots and after you both had two shots with no luck, I sent a bullet flying through the corner of the window with my second shot.

We had another contest to hit a bulls eye of a target. We each took ten consecutive shots and again, I was the only one to hit the bulls eye.

Woo-hoo. I don't meet to toot my own horn, but when I'm shooting against two good shots like you and your brother, TOOT! TOOT!!!

We need to do this more often. It was awesome.

I love you. And your new gun.

Sincerely, Lori