May 15, 2014


Dear Brooklyn,

Ever since you were just a wee little thing you loved the water, as long as it didn't touch your face. 

Bath time rocked cause you would just play nicely, never splashing and making a mess. 
Swimming was easy because you would stay right next to me so you wouldn't go under or get splashed.

I condoned, supported and even encouraged this behavior. 

In the back of my mind I knew better. I knew you wouldn't just one day be okay with sticking your head in the water. 

Except that's exactly what happened. 

For over a year now your dad and I have been trying to get you to dunk your head under water. Or at least blow some bubbles!

It's all been to no avail. We begged and pleaded. We bribed. We even started tossing you in the air and letting you go under for a second in hopes that you would just get use to it. 

Yeah right. 

But for some reason the stars aligned today. We were sitting on the wading step and I told you that if you stuck your entire face in the water then I would get you the biggest bowl of ice cream with a bunch of candy. 

You got excited, like you usually do, and sat there staring at the water with a determined look on your face. 

This is typical. And it usually ends with you sitting there forever trying to convince yourself until it's time to go and then you scream cause you don't get ice cream. 

But today was different. I could see it in your eyes too. Today was the day. 

After only a minute or two you dunked your head. Then you loved it so much that you dunked your head about 50 more times.
I was so proud of you. 
And of course we celebrated with that extra large bowl of ice cream with enough candy to make you sick in 5 minutes.
I love you.
Sincerely, Mom