November 18, 2014


Dear Molly,

You did it!!!!

After weeks of touch and go potty training and days of no diaper and you holding it for impossible lengths of time till you had a diaper for nap or bed time, you did it. You peed in the toilet. 

We were sitting at dinner and all of a sudden you got that look in your eye and said "I go potty." This happens 20 times a day without you actually peeing at all, so your dad and I just kinda rolled our eyes and said "okay, go pee in the toilet."

As soon as you were gone your dad asked me if I thought you would actually go one of these times. I laughed and said "maybe when she's twenty." 

Next thing we know you are yelling from the bathroom "I pee! I pee in the potty!" This was new. Usually you just sit there and say "I'm done!" And I tell you that you can get up and then you wipe and flush and wash your hands, for no good reason, because you didn't really go. 

But this time I could sense the difference in your voice. I ran in the bathroom and sure enough, you peed! I yelled and screamed and did a happy dance. 

Brooklyn and your dad ran in wondering what the deal was. They didn't believe you actually did it. But soon we were all whooping and hollering with joy. 

Then you got a check mark on your potty chart and some candy. 

And now I sit here and laugh at how such a silly thing like peeing in the toilet can make me so proud and happy. But it does. It really does. Motherhood is crazy like that.

Good job, Molly. I love you. And here's to this not being a fluke thing.

Sincerely, mom