November 18, 2014


Dear Molly,

This morning we set off to the zoo with our friends, Tara and Sophie.

You love animals. You can play the whole "What does a snake say? What does an elephant say? What does a fox say?" game all day long. So, a trip to the zoo for you is like a trip to the candy store for most little kids.

Reid Park Zoo is a small zoo. Perfect size, really, for a couple of two year olds.

We got there early enough that the animals were active and some were finishing up there breakfast.

The monkeys were whooping loudly and swinging from vines and poles. The otters were swimming and diving. The bear was moving from food pile to food pile eating just the carrots. The tortoises and the giraffes were snacking. The elephants and the flamingos were fighting playfully.

And the whole time you insisted on riding in a little umbrella stroller. 

You did get out a few times. 

You watched the monkeys.

You chased the peacocks. 

You played the drums.

You danced on the stage.

You got soaking wet in the frog fountain.

And on the way home you and Sophie held hands.

It was such a fun little morning. I'm glad you have such a cute little friend you can play with.

Sincerely, mom