February 9, 2015


Dear Brooklyn,

Monday mornings are kind of special for us. I get to come to your school and help out in your classroom. I always knock on your classroom door and you come running to let me in and give me a huge hug.

As I help out around the classroom or in the aids room you come up every now and then and give me more hugs. I love seeing you in your classroom. Learning and growing and interacting. I always feel proud that you are mine. 

Every once in a while I stay for lunch. I sit with you and all the other kindergarteners. I help open snack packs and lids and juices. I talk with your friends and everyone wants to sit by us. We are the cool kids. 

When I leave to go home you always ask me to stay and sometimes you hug me and cry. It makes me sad that I have to leave you when you are sad but I am happy that you love me enough that you want to be with me. 

When I leave I always wait around a corner or by the outside fence to make sure your are happily playing again. 

I love our Monday mornings. No matter how short or unimportant they may seem. They are ours.

I love you Brooklyn. 

Sincerely, mom