February 3, 2015


Dear Kurt,

Food truck Tuesday: where a bunch of local food trucks come to the clubhouse the first Tuesday of every month. It's amazing and we like to go and partake of the goodness. 

Tonight we took the girls and headed over to figure out what type of food was going to satisfy our hunger.
We walked around, checking out the food trucks, mouths salivating. We were hungry. Really hungry.
Gourmet Grilled Panini's won us over pretty quickly. The short lines were a major plus. The girls tried real hard to convince us that it was cool to order ice cream and smoothies for dinner.

All the tables set up were packed so we took our dinner to the back of the car. There we sat with our grilled cheese on a warm winter night. It was kind of awesome. Not even Molly refusing to eat and throwing a fit when we told her she couldn't have ice cream could ruin the evening.

It's kind of too bad that Food Truck Tuesday is only a once a month thing. 

What is it about food truck food?

Well, I love you. More than I love food truck food. And that's saying something.

Sincerely, Lori