October 26, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

It's getting cold here in Idaho. Really cold. In fact, there were tiny little snowflakes floating around outside when I looked out the front window.

So, with the house heated to 73 degrees and your skirt and leggings tossed to one corner of the house because you moved too much when I changed your diaper that I didn't bother putting them back on, I got you all geared up in your new winter hat and gloves and we looked out the back door.

And that might be as close as you get to being outside this winter. Except for when we are building huge snowmen and sledding at grandma and grandpas place in Swan Valley.

Mostly because you can't talk much so I can only assume that you are like your mother and don't like the cold and the snow and the wind so I have to keep you inside because that is what a good mother should do.

Sincerely, your extremely "good" mother