October 21, 2010


Dear Kurt,

Here is a small scene from our life:

1. Your basketball shoes. Which means you probably actually woke up and 5 am to go play basketball. I couldn't know for sure because I am only up at that time if my baby is screaming.

2. Where the doorstop should be. Brooklyn has unscrewed all of them in the whole house. Who knows where they are now.

3. Starfish I used for my final Graphic Design project in school. It usually has two friends with it but Brooklyn likes to take them.

4. My vase bought for 2 bucks then painted and glued stones all over. I get lots of compliments on it.

5. Baby powder I borrowed from a friend when Brooklyn had that really bad diaper rash. One day it might make it back to her.

6. A book I made at college in a book making class. I've been meaning to sketch in it....

7. Proof that almost two years in a house doesn't mean it's finished.

8. A reminder that Brooklyn is a very good baby and doesn't try to unplug everything... yet. Also a reminder that maybe an entertainment center should be on the "to buy someday" list.

Sincerely, Lori