November 13, 2010



Dear Brooklyn,

Your dad and I don't often give you a lot of sugar.

A little here or there - yes. But a lot - no.

Tonight was a different story. We went to dinner and you wouldn't drink your water so I let you drink some of (or a lot of) my chocolate and your dad's Dr. Pepper.

Then we got some ice cream from Cold Stone and I shared mine with you all the way home. By the time we got home your face was covered in chocolate and you were running around in circles and back and forth through the house.

It was so cute and quite hilarious. You were super duper hyper. You wouldn't even hold still long enough for a decent picture.

Obviously you had way too much sugar.

If I am need of a good laugh then I know what to do: fill you up with sugar and let you loose.

Sincerely, Lori