August 14, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Friday night we went and did a little camping with our friends Ben, Shacie, their kids, Isaac, Ally, and their baby.

Actually, it was more like I went camping with Shacie, Ally, and the kids and you, Ben and Isaac went fishing.

Yes. That is a much more accurate statement.

But we did manage to get in a few activities while you boys were around.

Chopping firewood.

Cooking hot dogs and smores.

Four wheeling.

And some lake time.

Mostly I just wanted to sit and hold this little bundle of joy:

Which is basically what I did while you boys went fishing all night and all morning. (Bitter much? A little. Probably because we had three starving kids and women waiting for you guys to come back to breakfast for two and a half hours... But I'm dropping it now. Again. No, I really am this time....)

It's a good thing I love sitting around the campfire and talking girl talk all night and day.

Anyways. I really did have lots of fun. And I'm glad you did too.

I love you much.

Sincerely, Lori