August 2, 2011


Dear Kurt,

Discovery's "Shark Week" started this Sunday.

I love Shark Week. I don't even know why.

On Sunday we were watching and this guy was telling a story about how his friend got attacked by a shark so he swam up and started punching it and the shark let go.

I started talking about how I wondered if I could punch hard enough for a shark to let me go.

You said "no."


So I told you to bite me and I will start punching you to see if you would let go.

You immediately jumped on me and sunk your teeth into my arm.

I am happy to say that after about four or five of my best punches you let go and then moaned and groaned and rolled around on the floor in pain for a while.

Ha! Take that!

Bring on the sharks, baby.

Sincerely, Lori