August 14, 2011


Dear Kurt,

I'm sorry for screaming at you to not touch Brooklyn this evening.

I feel bad and I know I over reacted.

I swear it was like I turned into a mama bear for a second.

I was mad because Brooklyn needed a diaper change and I was trying to get some stuff done before we had to leave and you were refusing to change the diaper and so I was like fine I'll do it! but then she smashed her head on the dresser when she started throwing a fit about getting her diaper changed and then you came in the room to get mad at her for throwing a fit but I could tell she was really hurt and upset so I screamed at you to not take her....

Then I was even more mad because the diaper change turned into that plus washing poop out of her brand new white dress and bloomers and giving her a bath and smothering her bum with diaper rash cream and getting her ready to leave.

All the while you were trying to stay away from Hurricane Lori so you were in the kitchen.

And I wasn't able to get anything done I wanted to before we had to leave.

And then we did the whole "silent fighting" all the way to your parents and through dinner.

Then we talked it out but just so you know I still feel bad and I love you so much!

Sincerely, Lori

p.s. should we count the and's in this letter? I guess my fingers don't believe in coma's or periods today.