September 18, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

You like to put things around the back of your neck like a scarf.

Today you were doing just that with a piece of stretchy lace that I cut off a shirt.

So when you threw a fit, I decided to put you in time-out, but I didn't want to put you in your crib with the lace because it is a choking hazard (ironic).

In the middle of your fit I went to grab the lace and ended up grabbing the wrong side, so instead of pulling the lace off, I ended up tightening it around you neck and giving you an awful "rope burn".

Now every time I look at you I feel super guilty and when people see you I say "I swear I didn't try to kill my child! It was an accident, okay? Stop judging me!!"

The guilty side of me is quite sensitive.

So, just so you know I'm so sorry.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori