November 13, 2012


Dear Molly,

Wow, what a rough weekend we had.

Last Thursday I decided that you have probably grown out of your aversion to chocolate. So I raided Brooklyn's Halloween stash a little bit. And, I was happy to see, you weren't fussy!! Yay!

So, Friday came, and I made up for four months of no chocolate. I basically ate my body weight in chocolate. Seriously.

Not. A. Good. Idea.

Starting Saturday, you projectile vomited every meal you ate. I can't even count how many times you threw up. No fever, no diahrea, no crying.

Just a happy, very pukey, very dehydrated baby. 
And a very tired momma, since I couldn't sleep cause of worry that you would choke on your vomit or die from dehydration.

But, just as the doctor predicted, 30 hours after the last time I nursed you, you were better! 

I am oh, so grateful life is back to normal and I can once again enjoy my baby without the worry of getting puked on!

And I will never eat chocolate (while I'm nursing) again!!!!

I love you!

Sincerely, Lori