March 3, 2013


Dear Kurt,

Yesterday we went shooting with Josh and Serena and your brother up in the hills.

Here are everyone's titles by the end of the day:

Kurt: "The Gangsta" specialty: the kill shot.

Lori: "Killer" specialty: hitting the target every single time. Don't mess with me.

Serena: "Determined" specialty: never giving up trying to get a good shot. (Yes, that's a nice way of saying she couldn't get a good shot.)

Josh: "The Observer" specialty: observing. Just kidding, but I honestly didn't see him shoot. I did see him load his gun though... he could be called "Bullet".

Ethan: "Bulls Eye" specialty: very accurate shooting

Brooklyn: "Huh?" specialty: not being able to hear with her ear plugs in.

Trey: "The Explorer" specialty: exploring everything as fast as he could before his mom called him back.

Molly: "Ice Cube" specialty: being super happy even though it was freezing cold.

Niyah: "Momma's Girl" specialty: always staying by her momma. Really this is always Niyah's title.

Sincerely, Lori