March 16, 2013


Dear Kurt,

One day, while sitting on our couch, I had an awesome dinner party idea. An hour later it was set in motion.

This evening every person, young and old, showed up with a different ingredient with plans to create an epic dinner by combining said ingredients into a creative, mind blowing meal that we would write about for years to come and whose recipes we would pass on to all future generations.

Ummmmm...... not so much.

It started off great. Meaning, yes, everyone brought an ingredient, but that's where we became stumped.

We had sausage, ground beef, bacon, cream of chicken, carrots, canned pineapple, eggs, flour, cream cheese, and butter.

After much consideration we decided to exchange the ground beef for hash browns, and the cream of chicken for cheese. With those, plus the eggs, sausage, and bacon, we made breakfast burritos.

The eggs, butter, flour, and carrots became carrot cake (a healthy version - just for me! with a pineapple cream cheese frosting.

It all turned out really good! We were a little hesitant about the cake but everyone loved it and the kids had seconds and thirds.

It really was epic, just not exactly the way I had pictured. I'm pretty sure a BBQ version of this is in our future. Plus, I'll do anything to hear more of everyone's embarrassing stories.

Sincerely, Lori