March 17, 2013


Dear Brooklyn,

Last night I sat you down and told you all about St. Patrick's Day. Well, I told you what I knew, which wasn't a ton, and there's a possibility that I made up a few things... It's not like you'll remember. I'll make sure I get the details right next year.

Any who.... One thing that I told you was about the leprechauns and how a leprechaun might come to our house and play a few tricks and maybe leave a few goodies. We decided to leave a little trap to try to capture him. We stuck some candy and money under a box to lure him in.

After that it was bed time. I told you that when you wake up we would go check our trap together. That's when everything went down hill. Fast.

You started getting really upset. You did not want a leprechaun to come to our house while we were sleeping. You told me you were really scared and started crying. I backtracked by telling you that leprechauns were nice and really small, like kittens. Fuzzy and cute, like kittens. This just confused you and made you even more scared. Go me.

Finally you walked around that house with me, making sure all the doors and windows were locked so no leprechaun could get in. You, even went so far as to have your dad shut and lock your bed room door.... like I said: downhill.

But.... this morning you woke up excited to see our trap! We followed a trail of rainbow candy all the way to the fallen trap. You did refuse to open it, but after I took care of that, you were ecstatic about all the goodies the leprechaun left when he magically escaped the trap. 

You were highly entertained by the fact the leprechaun turned our milk green and loved that he left candy hidden all over the house. But I think your favorite part of St. Patrick's Day (which is my favorite too) is the pinching. Let's just hope you didn't leave any bruises on your friends at church.

Hopefully next year you won't be afraid of the leprechaun and we will spend more time making a better trap that no leprechaun could escape from. Then maybe we could have green milk and hidden candy all year long.

Sincerely, Lori