January 22, 2015


Dear Brooklyn,

For days you have been going on and on about the day you get to watch a super hero movie at your school. 

Well, today was that day. 

So at 4:45 we grabbed a blanket and headed over to your school where I gave you and your sister each a dollar for some popcorn and we cuddled up on our blanket on the cafeteria floor and watched Mr. Incredible and his family battle with some bad guys.

We didn't get to stay for the whole thing, we were having some friends over for dinner that were moving across the country the very next day, but we did enjoy a good hour of crime fighting awesomeness and some cuddling amongst popcorn crumbs. 

And the best part was when my legs fell asleep under the weight of both my girls cuddled up on my lap. 

I love you, Brooklyn

Sincerely, mom