January 25, 2015


Dear Dad,

Every once in a while I'll be in town and we will have a little spare time on our hands so you and I will do something I have grown to love.

You will pull out your penny and nickel collections, and the piles of change you have accumulated, and you and I will spend a couple hours going through the coins, checking dates, and trying to fill the holes in your books. 

I have come to think of those times as pretty special, something just for you and me. 

Well, I was home from church sick and got to looking at the jar of coins my girls have been saving for Disneyland and decided I should go through them to see if I could fill a few holes in your collection.

I texted you for pictures of your books and, what do ya know, you were home sick too.

  All day long we sent texts back and forth. Me, with pictures of old coins or coins that were missing from your collection. You, cheering me on or letting me know how much each coin was worth.

It was a good day and if we have to live hundreds and hundreds of miles away, then this was almost as good as sitting on your bed and looking through coins together.

I love you, dad.

Sincerely, Lori