April 2, 2015


Dear Brooklyn and Molly,

You woke up early today.

The clock still read 5 something. 

I knew by the way Molly was complaining that Brooklyn wasn't sharing the lion that there was no getting you two back to sleep. 

I'm sure it's cause your dad is out of town. You guys were probably worried that I didn't set my alarm and Brooklyn would be late for school. 

Soon you guys were in my bed. I looked at your bed head and your still sleepy, puffy eyes and your ruffled pajamas and I wanted to remember you like that forever. Still so small and innocent. Not a care in the world.

I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures in the early morning light. Your hair, your hands, you two cuddling. It makes me feel like I can keep you little. At least for a little while. At least in my pictures.
Then the cuddling turned to fighting so that was that.

I love you both. 

Sincerely, mom