April 11, 2013


Dear Kurt,

We took a vacation.

A long, mostly just because, do what we want, vacation.

It was fabulous.

Our first stop was Cedar City where most of my immediate and extended family (on my mom's side) were gathering to celebrate a very special lady's birthday: my grandma.

We spent a lot of time fancying up her garden with some bricks and pulling out old railroad ties and replacing them with brick walls.

There's something about a family getting together and working hard. 

The kids even "helped".

We also got in the mood for Easter with egg dying and a massive Easter egg hunt. 

Easter day, Brooklyn decided that she was going to scream, kick, fight and whine and show us what the horrible threes really are all about. 

It was a bit nice to be able to let her go off with my younger cousins once the time outs and forced naps proved to be unhelpful.

I'm just glad to be able to spend time with my mom and dad, all my sisters, and most of my extended family. It's been a while.

Sincerely, Lori