October 24, 2013


Dear Brooklyn,

Today was "pumpkin day". 

We went out to Reed's Dairy Farm to pick out our pumpkins. 

First we went and saw the animals, which we had to drag Molly away from, kicking and screaming. 

We each picked out some pumpkins.

You picked out a little pumpkin, Molly's was a bit bigger, mine was bigger still and daddy's was a nice big one.

After that we couldn't pass up their delicious grilled cheese sandwhiches for dinner. Yum.

Then we went home and got to business. 

The neighbor kids joined us and you kids painted your pumpkins. 

I carved mine and you and Molly helped a bit until you were completely and utterly grossed out by the whole thing. 

Dad spent most of the time helping Molly paint, me cut the top off mine after I got a tiny little cut on my thumb, so he was left cutting his all my himself. It's a good thing he loves us so much.

I do love some good family fun and tradition.

And, of course, I love you.

Sincerely, Mom