October 19, 2013


Dear Kurt,

Today you go down in history as the worst cookie maker. Ever.

Christina came over and made a delicious dinner for us and you decided that you were going to make some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

So we broke out the family cookbook and found a promising recipe and with a lot of help from the peanut gallery, you went to work.

And that is where everything went downhill.

The cookie dough wasn't very good. But that sometimes happens with cookies.

The first batch of cookies ended up being one big gooey cookie. It's texture wasn't right and the aftertaste was awful. 

You added some stuff and the cookies ended up a bit more cookie like but the flavor was worse.

More stuff added. Another batch. Worse.

The rest of the cookie dough went in the trash and all the cookies soon followed. 

And as for us, we sat there with the awful aftertaste of the worst cookies we ever ate, and talked about how if you're not first, you're last. And if you're going to be last you might as well be dead last.

Words to live by? Hopefully not.

Sincerely, Lori