October 13, 2013


Dear Molly, 

You are turning into such a little toddler. 

Playing, running, climbing, talking a bit. All the things a little toddler would do. Even fighting. 

Today, while we were sitting in the living room, talking and playing, Brooklyn did something you didn't like, so, being the toddler you are, you got mad and hit her. And kept hitting her. 

Your dad immediately stopped you and said jokingly "Molly, go to time out."
So you did. 

You just turned around and walked over to the spot on the kitchen floor where Brooklyn is sent to time out and you sat down. 

We were shocked! It's amazing how quick we are to forget how smart little ones can be. Just because you can't talk very much, doesn't mean you don't understand. 

And it was pretty adorable. Even though I'm pretty sure you didn't learn your lesson with us all laughing about it.
You sure keep things interesting around here.

I love you, Miss Molly. 

Sincerely, mom