June 5, 2010


Dear Kurt,

It is six o' clock on a Saturday Morning.

I just filled you up with eggs and bacon and sent you off to your favorite fishing hole with Jedd.

A kiss, a couple "I love you"s, and a few reminders: Don't fall in. Have fun. Leave your phone in the car. Don't bring any fish home.

And then you were off.

Usually I would be in bed right now, enjoying the fact that my baby usually sleeps till nine or ten, but lately I haven't been sleeping well. So instead of getting my hair even more tangled and matted from the tossing and turning that accompanies me most of the night lately, I am sitting on our couch in the dark writing to you.

I don't particularly like waking up early. Early mornings sometimes fill me with worries. Am I raising my daughter ok? Am I being a good wife? Am I doing all I can do to stay close to the Lord? Will we continue to be blessed in this economic recession?

While it is the "big picture" things that mostly worry me, it is the small things that make me happy. Why is that? Today I am excited for Brooklyn to follow me around the house, for fresh veggies, for listening about your fishing trip, for listening to the rain, and for curling up on the couch with you.

Well, have fun fishing. I hope you don't get skunked. I love you.

Sincerely, Lori