June 12, 2010


Dear Kurt,

Today was a cold day.

We were chilly while working on our yard this morning. We almost froze at a BBQ in Rexburg. You even let me have the heat on in the car all day long.

But right now we are sittin' on our couch with our fan going full blast.

That would be my fault. Although I can't say that I am 100 percent sorry.

When we goT home earlier today I was cold, the type of cold that won't go away no matter how many socks and blankets you put on, so I cranked up the heat.... to 80 degrees.

This isn't the first time but you usually tell me I'm ridiculous and turn it back down right away but somehow we both forgot and rushed out to meet some friends and left the temperature right where I had set it.


Sorry..... kind of.

Sincerely, Lori