January 18, 2011



Dear Kurt,

I love...

how you are a crazy goofball, just like me. If people only knew how we act when we are not in public... and sometimes when we are.

how you keep letting me play Pinnocle even though I get grumpy when I lose. Which is a lot, because I lose a lot. Grrrr...

when you wear shorts and a t-shirt when we go to your parents on Sunday nights, even though it is well below freezing, because you know I will blast the heater the whole way.

when you say we are probably going to have all girls because you cursed yourself before we even had Brooklyn saying you wanted all boys, then you get scared that you really did curse yourself and ask people with all girls if they said they wanted all boys too. It's funny watching you fret about this. Don't worry, girls are only crazy, moody, and hormonal most of the time. The rest of the time we are just adorable.

how Brooklyn is becoming a little daddy's girl.

Sincerely, Lori