January 10, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

I was sitting on the couch reading when I realized you were being way too quiet.

Oh boy.

I mentally scanned the house.

Office door open, you could be unplugging the computer along with who knows what else but you have never unplugged anything before and there isn't anything else to bother in there.

Your bedroom door open. Not much to harm in there, but I made a mental note that if I can't find something then I will look in your favorite hiding spot: in the drawer under your crib.

Hall bathroom door closed. Thank goodness.

My bedroom door open. Now that would be a playing ground for a mischievous little girl. A half full cup of orange juice on my night stand and a laptop on the floor next to that were my main concern

Your father would kill me.

Luckily you passed up the cup of orange juice and went for the cough drops that were also on the night stand.

Well no harm done.

I closed my bedroom door and let you keep the bag of cough drops to play with. Which was my second mistake of the morning.

You decided you were going to taste test all the cough drops. I found several of them all wet and slimy on the carpet.

It didn't even help your cough.

From now on I will be extra careful about keeping my bedroom door closed and about what I let you play with.

And I will need to go the store and buy more cough drops.

Sincerely, Lori