January 16, 2011


Dear Kurt,

As a New Years resolution I wanted to do two things that will coincide with each other:

1. Get dressed and ready everyday. I know.... you are shocked right now to learn that I frequently stay in my pj's all day.

2. Break out of my jeans and t-shirt (or sweats and sweatshirt) funk and try to find my own personal style.

So from now on my style will not be limited! If I want to wear it, I will! If it's ridiculous, I will still wear it! If it's weird, I will still wear it! If it's really cute, of course I will wear it!

This little experiment may get a little crazy (sometimes I don't even know what I am thinking), but for the most part I am hoping to just expand my styling horizons and look cute doing it.

So, here's the first half week (yes, I know New Years resolutions are suppose to start on New Years day, but I was sick!!!)

Now let's see what week two will bring. Hopefully not anything too embarrassing for you.

Sincerely, Lori