July 6, 2011


Dear Brooklyn,

I woke up early this morning and the house was already at 74 degrees.

Usually I would shout for joy because I'm a 100 degree weather type of girl, but I was worried that you would over heat while running around outside again, so we made our way up the street to Walgreens and bought ourselves a little 16 dollar pool.

Combine that with some freezing hose water and bring on the heat!

So there we sat, you with your chair in the middle of the pool and me lounging in my chair to the side, splashing each other and squealing with delight.

Once our toes turned to raisens, we gathered our stuff, sat on the swing, and fought over towels.

While I fed us yogurt covered pretzels I explained to you that the moon was not an airplane, and then I tried to figure out why the moon was out in the middle of the day... I still don't know.

While we sat there and told each other "this is fun" about 50 times, I thought about how content I was in that perfect moment with you.

I can't wait to do this every day all summer long.

I love you.

Sincerely, Lori