February 8, 2011


Dear Kurt,

You, my friend, are too school for cool.

That's right. You are so not cool.

You come home from school and after a quick hug and kiss and "how was your day" you plopped on the couch, stick your earphones in your ears, and start listening to lectures and doing homework.


And then I put Brooklyn down for a nap and then plopped on the other couch and just stare at you.

Even lamer.

After a while you pull out your earphones and say "what's up?" I usually tell you how boring you are. You make no apologies. You are the one having to do homework after all, not me. You usually just give me a "life sucks, live with it." look and then put your earphones back in your ears.

Today I (mentally) screamed "ENOUGH! I will not spend my day staring at my homework doing husband and begging him to take a break for an hour..... or two..... or six.... to hang out with me!"

So I packed up the little munchkin and hopped in the car and drove to the end of the street to hang out with Camille.


If I was going to be doing nothing then I was going to be doing nothing with someone who didn't have earphones in their ears.

Plus, Brooklyn loves to play with Lucas so I didn't have to do any entertaining.

I think I might spend all your study hours at her house.

Sincerely, Lori